Dilweg Bets $75M on Classic Midtown Atlanta Tech Office

Pershing Point, a 409,579-square-foot, eight-story office asset in Midtown Atlanta.

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At the close of yesterday s wild market when the Dow soared over 700 points, Brookfield announced that it had come to an agreement to acquire GGP for $23.50 per share. Many analysts are disappointed with the price, indicating that it s a low-ball offer based on the quality of the malls and their high occupancy levels. […]

SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network s new website is dramatically improved, and built for the future of real estate . Your data and resumes are in the highest level of security in the Enterprise, constantly monitored space, in the Amazon Cloud. Lightyear s faster find the perfect job or hire on any device. Experts in Elasticsearch created […]

The reality is that your online posts can trip-up real-life job opportunities, so it is critical that professional cultivate a positive online persona. Over past couple of days, political leaders in the US and Europe called for aggressive inquiries into whether Facebook failed to stop improper access and handling of user data. Facebook and other […]

After trudging through the 3rd Nor easterly to hit New York City, I was thrilled this morning to see the first sign of Spring emerge on SelectLeaders Job Results Intern Job Postings are beginning to sprout. Don t forget you can post any Intern Job absolutely FREE on any of the 12 websites in our […]

As markets recovered over the past few years, we have been hiring young professionals with sterling educational credentials and high potential. They are smart as a whip and understand, and reinforce, the disruptive era in which we transact business today. The only wrinkle is that they cannot write. The vast majority of recent graduates were […]

Many of our employers recruit from universities on our Real Estate School List because they all offer a degree in real estate, either graduate or undergraduate. Even more employers post internship jobs for FREE on our Job Network, creating a pipeline into successful careers in real estate. So, I was taken back to read in […]

Noticing a bump in jobs requiring 10 to 15 years or more of experience, Mike Lewis recent book caught my eye, When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn t the Life You Want, quoted in this week s NYT Business section. Lewis advises, even if you are in the Home Stretch of your career, consider […]

First it was books, then it was everything. Amazon is amazing; there s nothing you cannot find online through the site. And a few years ago Amazon moved further into our homes with its Alexa product, which answers everything you ask and probably reports everything you do. More recently, Amazon fully enabled itself to provide everything […]

The city that never sleeps has been abuzz over Neuroscientist, Matthew Walker, and his book Why We Sleep, How more sleep can save your life. Promising one will be cleverer, more attractive, slimmer, happier, healthier and ward off cancer, Alzheimer s, diabetes and heart disease if we sleep more, Walker, who presides over Berkeley s Sleep and […]

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